The ‘pasture’ of pasture raised chickens


The hay has been cut on the field where our first batch of pastured chickens were raised. As we moved the chicken mobiles across the field, they left their manure behind to fertilize the ground. In these pictures, you can see the bright green colour of the new pasture growth where the chickens had been.

There are so many synergies with this method of raising birds. The chickens are always on fresh pasture, moved frequently to leave their droppings behind. This greatly reduces incidences of disease and means we don’t have to use antibiotics in our flocks. The field receives the benefit of fertilization from the chicken manure. Our chickens eat a lot of greens since they have fresh choice of pasture every day. This changes the nutritional composition of the chicken meat. Pastured chicken has been found to contain less cholesterol, better omega 3 to omega 6 ratios, increased conjugated linoleic acids and there is no room for debate on the amazing taste!

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