Our packet of Butter Chicken Spice Blend makes cooking your own butter chicken at home easy! Chef Aaron Clyne (author of Travel, Eat, Repeat: A Culinary Nomad Journal) created the following recipe: BUTTER CHICKEN SAUCE: 2 TBSP grated ginger2 cloves garlic, minced1 large onion, diced3 tomatoes, diced2/3 pack of Carrick Hill Farms Butter Chicken SpiceContinue reading “BELLY WARMER BUTTER CHICKEN”

Wyndham House Donations

  This holiday season we will be donating some of our pasture raised chickens to Wyndham House in Guelph.  Would you like to help us increase the number of donated chickens? Sponsor a Carrick Hill Farms chicken for Wyndham House!  For the last 40 years Wyndham House has been synonymous with serving homeless youth. WhileContinue reading “Wyndham House Donations”

Guelph Pastured Chicken Pick Up

Whole, frozen pasture raised chickens $5.25/lb Downtown Guelph Pick Up Sunday, December 6th 1-4pm Our pasture raised chickens taste amazing! Raised outside with fresh air, sunshine and lots of fresh greens to eat. No antibiotics, no hormones, no GMO’s, no pesticides sprayed on our farm, no chemical additives or preservatives at processing. 100% real chicken!Continue reading “Guelph Pastured Chicken Pick Up”

The ‘pasture’ of pasture raised chickens

The hay has been cut on the field where our first batch of pastured chickens were raised. As we moved the chicken mobiles across the field, they left their manure behind to fertilize the ground. In these pictures, you can see the bright green colour of the new pasture growth where the chickens had been.Continue reading “The ‘pasture’ of pasture raised chickens”