Chicken CSA 2015!

How our CSA works:

Receive a season of pastured, whole, frozen chickens for $5.25/lb.  Send payment of $500 and draw on your CSA account with us over the season.  Your $500 will reserve you approx 18-22 chickens available between June and Oct.  Chickens average 4-6lbs each.  Select either Guelph or On Farm pick up option.

Guelph CSA Dates:

June 23 & 26
July 14 & July 17
July 28 & 31
Aug 18 & 21
Sept 1 & 4
Sept 15 & 18
Oct 6 & 9

3:30-7:00pm at Ignatius Farm.

Published by CarrickHillFarms

Small farm. Big difference. Farming premium quality products by taking exceptional care of our animals, our land, our supporters. Ethical. Delectable. Local. It's our Farmosophy.

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