Snow Pigs

During daylight, the pigs decide how much time to spend outside in the snow or inside the comfort of the barn. To access the outdoors, they use the main aisle of the barn which also connects them to their straw bedded stall where they spend each night.

I added more straw to their evening accommodations to keep them warm and comfortable in this colder weather. The pigs decided they didn’t like where I had pitchforked the new straw and took it upon themselves to reorganize it all into the doorway…So I can’t shut their stall door tonight without getting out the pitchfork again.

We’ve been through this before. They are persistent. I think they remember that one day a while ago, I was lazy and left them to have run of the whole barn overnight. I thought they couldn’t get into any trouble. Everything important was secured and put away. I still don’t know how they did it, but they managed to break into the turkey feed and make a huge mess of it all. I think they are plotting more mischief. Smart pigs.

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