Pork Brunch Supreme Bundles

It’s our first pork delivery day to Guelph! Thanks to everyone who helped us with our quality control taste testing procedures. What a rewarding experience it is to feast alongside you while sampling scrumptious and smokey hams, juicy chops, meaty ribs and the best bacon ever!

Our Pork Brunch Supreme package includes bacon, peameal bacon, rustic breakfast sausage and small smoked ham roast. One package is typically 8 – 10 lbs.

Your peameal and bacon arrives sliced for you. The rustic breakfast sausage is from the meat of only one pig, contains no nitrates, and is sure to be more meaty and less fatty than typical grocery store varieties. Your smoked ham was actually smoked, not chemically ‘smoke flavoured’ and is from the true ham muscles of one pig, not an amalgamation of ham-like bits of multiple animals. If you are looking for a quality brunch selection, this bundle is for you!

We also offer a Pork Dinner Bundle including chops, small shoulder roast, garlic or Italian bangers and ribs. Bundles are approx 15 lbs. Contact us for custom bundle options!

Published by CarrickHillFarms

Small farm. Big difference. Farming premium quality products by taking exceptional care of our animals, our land, our supporters. Ethical. Delectable. Local. It's our Farmosophy.

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