It’s a Hay Day!

We found a lot of birds nests (with babies) in our hay field, so we postponed cutting our hay until the birds flew away. It’s a little late for a first cut, but we hope a bit of patience helped the bird populations!

There are several birds at risk in our area. A great resource for endangered species in Bruce County is found at:

Bruce County Gastronomy Event June 26th

Come visit us at the Bruce County Museum Mixer on June 26th.
Quinn will be cooking up scrumptious samples of our pastured meats!


Gastronomy: The Art of Fine Food

Explore the Museum with a drink in hand during a unique evening exclusively for adults, mixing conversation, playful, innovative science and music. Try your hand at activities such as Table Setting 101, Cake Decorating and other hands on stations with local producers and suppliers. Cash bar available.

Members $10 (+HST) Public $18 (+HST)

Pastured Chicken Guelph Delivery Schedule

<strong>Pastured, Organically Fed, Humanely Raised Chicken For Sale</strong>

Downtown Guelph Delivery Dates:

June 18th
July 2nd
July 16th
July 30th
Aug 13
Aug 27th
Sept 10th
Sept 24th
Oct 8th
Oct 22nd
Nov 5th
Nov 19th

6:00 – 8:30pm. Whole, frozen chickens. Avg 4-6lbs.

Preorder required. Quantities limited.

Custom butchering available for additional fee.


Hen Garden Helpers

The hens helped scratch and spread and eat the chopped comfrey and compost wheelbarrowed over to the new garden site. They run toward each new wheelbarrow delivery with enthusiasm and I feel so happy watching them peck, scratch, stretch their wings and choose what they want to eat from their cornucopia of a wheelbarrow.

Here is a close up video of the hens in action….

Guelph Chicken Delivery June 18th

We have set aside a few chickens for non CSA members to buy on an individual basis. The supply is very limited so please reserve soon! Contact us for details. Custom butchering options available. Guelph delivery June 18th.

Quinn has built the chicken mobiles and set up solar powered fencing to protect chickens from weather & predators
Quinn has built the chicken mobiles and set up solar powered fencing to protect chickens from weather & predators

1st chickens this year are now out on pasture!
1st chickens this year are now out on pasture!

Announcing Carrick Hill Farms Chicken CSA!

Announcing Carrick Hill Farms Chicken CSA!

We are ecstatic to announce that our pastured, organically fed and humanely raised meat chickens will be available to CSA supporters starting this June!

We are seeking chicken CSA supporters who share our Farmosophy of eating local, delectable and ethical foods to improve our environment, our health, and our local economy.

CSA supporters will receive 26 whole chickens delivered between June and December on regularly scheduled pickup days in Guelph for a cost of $650.

Please contact us for more information if you are interested in being a part of what a big difference a small farm can make!

Pork Brunch Supreme Bundles

It’s our first pork delivery day to Guelph! Thanks to everyone who helped us with our quality control taste testing procedures. What a rewarding experience it is to feast alongside you while sampling scrumptious and smokey hams, juicy chops, meaty ribs and the best bacon ever!

Our Pork Brunch Supreme package includes bacon, peameal bacon, rustic breakfast sausage and small smoked ham roast. One package is typically 8 – 10 lbs.

Your peameal and bacon arrives sliced for you. The rustic breakfast sausage is from the meat of only one pig, contains no nitrates, and is sure to be more meaty and less fatty than typical grocery store varieties. Your smoked ham was actually smoked, not chemically ‘smoke flavoured’ and is from the true ham muscles of one pig, not an amalgamation of ham-like bits of multiple animals. If you are looking for a quality brunch selection, this bundle is for you!

We also offer a Pork Dinner Bundle including chops, small shoulder roast, garlic or Italian bangers and ribs. Bundles are approx 15 lbs. Contact us for custom bundle options!

Snow Pigs

During daylight, the pigs decide how much time to spend outside in the snow or inside the comfort of the barn. To access the outdoors, they use the main aisle of the barn which also connects them to their straw bedded stall where they spend each night.

I added more straw to their evening accommodations to keep them warm and comfortable in this colder weather. The pigs decided they didn’t like where I had pitchforked the new straw and took it upon themselves to reorganize it all into the doorway…So I can’t shut their stall door tonight without getting out the pitchfork again.

We’ve been through this before. They are persistent. I think they remember that one day a while ago, I was lazy and left them to have run of the whole barn overnight. I thought they couldn’t get into any trouble. Everything important was secured and put away. I still don’t know how they did it, but they managed to break into the turkey feed and make a huge mess of it all. I think they are plotting more mischief. Smart pigs.